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What is HS Roulette?

HS Roulette is a new way to get the most out of Hearthstone!

You will be given random objectives to complete, through clever deckbuilding and creative playstyles.

Most objectives will be completable with inexpensive cards, if you dont have the required cards, you can always reroll for a new objective!

Why was HS Roulette created?

The high and increasing cost of Hearthstone has been a hot topic for long.

The goal is to create new ways to have fun in Hearthstone, with a limited collection.

In short, HS Roulette aims to give you more fun, for less money!

How do i play?

Click the "Play!" button above!

Objectives can be both standard and wild gamemode.

Lastly a big thanks to the admins and the community on Hearthstone reddit! The contribution from the community has been amazing.